Joyce Johnson Rouse was born on an Iowa farm, near Cresco, and from the time her tiny little toes dug into the rich dirt of a cornfield, passion began to sprout.

The seeds of her passion were fertilized by her family; by teachers who invited her to use music to encompass and explore ideas from all disciplines; by experiences in 4-H, at summer camps, and in the meadows and streams of her family farm; at college, where her understanding was pushed to a higher level; and in communities of locality and faith.

Joyce’s young passion grew during her years in Nashville. Her work there strengthened her skills of songwriting and communication, and her advanced degree in science and environment became a trellis for the climbing tendrils of her beliefs.

The fruits of her efforts are the “Earth Mama” programs that use earth wisdom, music, and laughter to spread the message that the earth is a “Mama” for all of us. These programs are enjoyed by audiences of all ages and interests, twining together spirituality, education and entertainment, in celebration with the earth.

One of the most important aspects of Earth Mama’s work is the re-seeding that happens during her work with others: ideas are planted in the rich, fertile soil of our souls, music warms us like sunlight and spring, and humor is sprinkled on like a good, organic “tea” as she involves us all in her work to “help heal the planet, one song at a time.”

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