Climate Change Songs

The following songs from Earth Mama recordings have been carefully selected to companion Climate Action discussions and study groups such as The Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center’s Our Call to Conversion

These Earth Mama songs parallel many of the insights proclaimed in Pope Francis’s Encyclical and Climate ChangeThe release of the Pope’s Encyclical has inspired discussions and study groups. Please pull out your Earth Mama CDs and put them to use for climate action.

Links from each song will take you to a sample where you may listen and purchase a single song or the entire CD for those who do not already have them. Most songs are from Love Large, Around the World, Blessings of the Universe, Pay Attention and Under the Rainbow CDs by Earth Mama. Please contact us for special pricing for study groups for the set.

We’d like to share this powerful message with you from Sister Carmel Bracken of Ireland. This is Sister Carmel’s reflection of Paris at the Climate Change Conference in November, 2015: Where the Tides Ebb and Flow

Session One: Earth Community

  1. We are One (Love Large)
  2. Fireball (Under the Rainbow)
  3. Energy Tango (Around the World)
  4. Green Blues (Grass Roots)
  5. ASAP (Love Large)
  6. For Alex (A Little Gentler) (Love Large)

Session Two: Science of Climate Change

  1. A New Chapter (Blessing of the Universe)
  2. Pay Attention (Pay Attention)
  3. Water Blessing (Blessings of the Universe)
  4. Friend of the Earth (Love Large)
  5. What on Earth (Love Large)
  6. Place in the Kin-dom (Blessings of the Universe)

Session Three: Eco-Conversion

  1. God’s Eye (Love Large)
  2. Love By Design (Love Large)
  3. Grass Roots! (Grass Roots)
  4. Let It Rot! (Around the World)
  5. Somebody’s Habitat (Under the Rainbow)
  6. Stuff (Around the World)
  7. Enough is As Good as a Feast (Love Large)

Session Four : Emerging Future

  1. Earth Mama (Under the Rainbow)
  2. Love Large (Love Large)
  3. Butterfly (Love Large)
  4. All Shall Be Well (Blessings of the Universe)
  5. And Everybody Else (Pay Attention)
  6. Your Beautiful Heart (Blessings of the Universe)

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