2016 Holiday Newsletter and Specials

2016 Holiday Newsletter and Specials

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dear Earthies,

What can you be grateful for this year? YOU are in my gratitude count!
As we all adjust to a rapidly changing world, we have an opportunity to support each other in many ways: Through kind actions, dedicated prayer, contemplation time, and believing with Hope and Certainty that good comes out of every situation.

Thanksgiving and Advent seem to have a different feel for me this year, with feelings of both urgency and resolve. You may also have this need for some shift in your life and music. I truly believe that Music is a profound healing tonic to all pain and anxiety. And a great enhancer of JOY!

Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify Users: Please include Earth Mama songs in your playlists for sharing. Most of all of my songs play in those platforms.

Thank you Midwest Book Review for this wonderful recent CD review:

Order Christmas Heart in the Earth Mama Shop

Christmas Heart
$15.00 CD / $10.00 MP3 cdbaby.com

“Joyce “EarthMama” Rouse presents Christmas Heart, a holiday-themed music CD for the whole family. Some of the songs have religious themes that celebrate God’s love and the birth of Jesus Christ; all are shining with the universal joy and camaraderie of the season. An included lyric booklet makes Christmas Heart ideal for sharing and singing aloud, especially at Christmas caroling or parties. Highly recommended!

The tracks are “Christmas Heart” (3:18), “Close To The Earth” (4:26), “Baby Child, Baby King” (2:34), “The Angel Tree” (3:49), “First Christmas Waltz” (3:27), “Christmas Candles” (2:52), “Quaker Christmas Medley” (5:03), “For Christmas” (3:25), “Fear Not (in the Stile Nacht)” (5:20), and “Green Christmas” (4:57).”

Blessings & EarthPeace to you and yours in this precious season,

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