Standing on the Shoulders

Earth Mama honors and inspires women and men with Standing on the Shoulders, an anthem for women’s progress and other music dedicated to “Helping Heal the Planet One Song at a Time!”

Anthem for Women’s Rights- Standing on the Shoulders

See Harriet Tubman, Mother Jones, Helen Keller, Eleanore Roosevelt, Rachel Carson, Frida Kahlo and others in this slide show of important women in history set to an inspirational anthem and women’s rights theme. 

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Providing education to women and girls is the most effective route to reducing poverty, hunger and child mortality globally. Education also builds stronger communities. Knowledge is empowering! These are some of the wise, strong shoulders upon which we all stand.

Ask WHO they are! Learn what a difference they made! Allow their stories to strengthen YOUR shoulders for those who follow. Get 10 page PDF booklet here:Shoulders video Women bios PDF

On June 4, 1920, after many years of effort, the 20th amendment was approved and women in the US were granted the right to vote. In August 1995, the United States celebrated the 75th anniversary of the 19th amendment. 

Standing on the Shoulders, which premiered at official events in Washington, D.C., became the theme song for the celebration. The song continues to be performed worldwide each year by community, business, and religious leaders wishing to share the message with diverse audiences. The lyric has been translated into additional languages available for download on our Lyrics Page

Enjoy this video celebrating a few of the amazing women who inspire us!

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