Schools Give Earth Mama an A Grade

For our school ceremony, the choir sang your beautiful song…. Standing On The Shoulders for Remembrance Day. It was amazing!! They were so proud because many of the adults were brought to tears. I would love to take them to a local studio and record it – so many asked for a recording.
Beth Weatherbee, Port Elgin Regional School, NB, Canada

She is a fine musician, but it is her vast knowledge of ecological issues that she ably weaves into curricular areas being studied that is so valuable.……She is comfortable with students of many age groups and versatile in adapting her material to topics under study. Joyce is a valuable artist-in-residence to enhance the learning of students at any level.
Diana H, Ph.D., Denver Public Schools

What I find most valuable is that you are getting very important messages out to these children in a fun format that keeps their attention and encourages participation. They are enjoying themselves thoroughly while being reminded how very important it is to take care of our “Mother”.
Marta T., Floyd County, GA

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