Plum Pilgrimage:

When I’m not making music I’m often in the garden getting inspiration—and working. These are notes from the orchard.

More than 10 years ago we planted a beautiful semi-dwarf Methley plum tree in our garden courtyard. (first picture) We named him Mr. Plumly. After 5 years of growth and 2 good harvests, we knew this tree was going to grow much taller than we had planned. Instead of cutting him down we dug all around him and pulled him out with the tractor and took the chance that he might just survive in a more suitable place if were lucky. He survived, with some damage, but began to thrive again. Nearly 5 years after the transplant we finally noted a bumper crop of baby plums developing this year, watched them and knew it was time to starting picking on July 4th, right after the parade.

Plums were ripening all at once so by the third day as we were picking from the bottom up, the crows and others were picking from the top down! Our beautiful statue of St. Francis which overlooks the garden had been keeping watch also. And he seemed to smile that day we did the final harvest. We did not know that St. Francis and Mr. Plumly had become good friends. Enjoy this little photo essay of the harvest! Special thanks to Kent Lund and Jeff Miller.

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