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What is Virginia Beauty?

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  • an heirloom apple first grown in Carroll County, Virginia in the early 1800’s?     
  • a pretty lass from the Old Dominion?
  • a song for the state song of Virginia?
  • All of the Above!

Joyce Johnson Rouse, the author and composer of Virginia Beauty, a Love Song for the Commonwealth lives a happy and earth-friendly existence in the community of Independence Virginia, nestled between the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Appalachian Trail, the New River and Grayson Highlands State Park in the heart of Grayson County.  

When she learned that Virginia had been without a state song since 1997, Joyce, a composer, educator and performer was inspired to create Virginia Beauty by her desire to preserve the best of the Commonwealth.  Named in honor of a heritage apple originating in Pipers Gap, Virginia in 1810, Virginia Beauty is a love song to the Commonwealth, an anthem designed to reflect the natural beauty, the diverse landscape, and the people of our historically significant home state.  It was written to be easily ‘singable’ by children and adults across the Commonwealth, a way to unite our voices, our praise and our energies for our home state. Joyce hopes that it will inspire other citizens of the Commonwealth and the world to recognize and respect the many wonders of Virginia.  What better way to ensure this than to make Virginia Beauty the state song of Virginia!!

Since its first performance in 2007, Virginia Beauty has now been heard across the state in many styles.  Recordings of the bluegrass the folk version play in regular rotation on multiple radio stations around the state.  Choral societies, concert choirs, schools and churches have enjoyed learning and singing various arrangements. Of particular note are the Highland Camerata and Virginia Choral Society performances on their recent concert schedules.

Choral Videos of Virginia Beauty
Virginia Beauty, A Love Song for the Commonwealth
Virginia Beauty Bluegrass Version

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